Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you offer?
You can pay for Strings subscriptions via bank wire transfers, we are working on processing automatic recurring payments directly inside the service using a debit or credit card. This will be available in March 2020.
How do I switch to a different price plan?
Starting March 2020, any plan change and pro-rated amounts will be handled inside Strings, in the Billing module. For now, you can reach out to us using the chat widget in this website.
What is a string?
One string is a container of devices, we use it as a unit of analysis, so you can segment your network according to the logic that is most useful to your operations. You can create as many strings as you want, and they can follow different approaches. One string could be a part of a city, another, a big client, and so on. All the metrics of the devices contained in a string are combined to represent an isolated view.
What is SD-WAN?
SD-WAN is the latest technology for the virtualization of networks using software. It allows to establish dynamic VPNs, which in our case we use for secure connection to your network. Our metrics collector runs this way, and in doing so, avoids using other methods that are not reliable, such as establishing constant SSH connections each time a set of metrics is requested.

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