How does it work


Quick Integration

Configure an SD-WAN environment between us and your network. All security is handled by you.


Add one main device

The rest will be discovered, and our metrics collector will do its thing with our metrics processor. You will start seeing devices and metrics. Everything is indexed for you to search.


Create strings, browse devices, channels & interfaces.

Create a string, which is a container of devices, allowing you to analyze your network in sections that correspond to your business or operational logic.
Set alerts and browse accordingly.

Robust from the start

Strings was created with the objective of monitoring a vast amount of traffic sources with significant volume, supporting different methods and languages. We begin by activating a source of data for your network devices.

Organized by Strings

One single String serves as a sort of container for network interfaces. Contextually separate network devices according to business logic, such as a city block, a building or client. Find what you need in less time, analyze faster.

Easy Search

Visual and georeferenced views help in finding devices. We also added a map area for the details on every specific network device, so that we facilitate decision making. You can also create a String by using a map view.

Rapid Statistics

Track bandwidth consumption and important metrics per each interface, device, or String. Anticipate problems and understand the cause for the issues that occur across your network.
Increase your deployment ROI.